Graphophile EP

by Mercurial Void

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released August 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Mercurial Void Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Hope Still Exists
As the sun sets on our world our heads rest to sleep
Do we dream of the future or have we given up on forever
Do we accept our limited lot and our finite lives
We must pay the toll in order to reach our goals

Hope still exists in my pessimist mind
That we won’t let the fools sink the ship
I can feel the current spin us around
If we don’t swim faster we’ll surely drown

Someone grab the wheel and steer us off this course
The potential for redemption resides in us all
We all have to rise to the occasion
And possess the bravery to answer the call

Strong winds will blow us but cannot bend our will
Maintaining the good that’s left in us still
We’ll strengthen our minds and guide our own fate
Never losing our sense of ambition to motivate
Track Name: Graphophile
Possessed to write endlessly my mad scribblings
Look at the text and you will see my instability
To confess what I know and think my blood consists of ink
My mental imbalance haphazardly symbolized with perfect symetry

The blind man conveys sight through a riddle
And hands down history through an echo
Am I still first person or is it third
Tomes written on scraps with a single word

Convoluted ravings I scrawl my diatribes
Babbling musing and thought to be transcribed
Any flat surface will do to encrypt my codes
Weaving a tapestry made of sight with vertigo

A neverending novel, A chapter without close
I identify everything, Through my obscene prose
A habitual journalist, A quote for the damned
Cataloguing all my sins, Betrayed by my own hand
Track Name: Solution to Conflict
With a guise of patriotic
And motives of economic
Greed so dense it’s diabolic
Makes me lean towards misanthropic

A million indignities endured
Untold centuries of spite
Anyone’s guess to what is real
Interpretations of wrong and right

It’s clear your goal is propriety
I doubt your ostentatious piety
By the glory of God you impose your will
And hurl our world straight into hell

All abominations have been created or conceived
Whether knowingly or not by men of God
They manipulate their vague words of conjecture
By means of crusade, gush emunium and jihad

Sin is the chain that keeps you a slave
And guilt served to you by the depraved
Servants offer their shackled wrists
Greedily the conspirators lick their lips

Religion is the enabler of greed and hate
In a land filthy with Gods
Destroy fundamentalism across the board
A new scorched earth peace accord

A conflict over whose faith is greater
Reducing Jerusalem to a crater
I’ll side neither intifada or zionists
Or support your affinity for nationalists

All the tyrants should stand and be tried
With all rewards of sealotry denied
Ridiculous claims of chosen people and holy lands
You’ll never wash the blood from your hands
It’s time for this conflict to end indefinitely
And burn away this unholy land in effigy
Track Name: All Sensations
In the hour of death
All sensations will come back to you
All names and faces you once knew
In the hour of death

Distant memories
Vibrations sent from the past
Even as you breathe your last
In the hour of death

I'm feeling reluctant
I hesitate
When will I leave
When will I go

I can’t bury you body
So I’ll just have to leave you mine
I guess I just ran out of time

Now I detect
Signals that you don’t receive
Reevaluate all I believe
All Sensations
Track Name: Grand King Liar
Grand King Liar
Splendid in his deceptions
Grand King Liar
Gracious to the manipulated

To earn good favor
Pay the tribute of investor
Writhe and gesture
Squirm the dance of court jester

Grand King Liar
Generous to the self destructive
Grand King Liar
Charitable to the masochistic

Cannon fodder
You’ll march for your sire
Your soul will stoke my fire

I hold court with fools
Pay me a tribute of your misery
Your suspension of disbelief
Will turn whims to concrete reality

Grand King Liar
Your lives will form my castle
Grand King Liar
As I mold my vassals